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Oriya Actors in Oriya Cinema/Oriya Film Heros

Oriya Actors in Oriya Cinema/Odia Actors in Odia Films
List of All oriya hero's and Photo's of All oriya Actors
Abhaya Kumar

Ajit Das

Ajit Kar

Akshya Mohanty

Amaresh Routroy

Anubhav Mohanty



Bijoy Mohanty




Gobinda Tej

Gopal Ghosh

Goura Prasad

Harish Mohapatra

Kasi Ratha
Mihir Das

Mithun Chakrabarty

Pramod Panigrahi

Prasant Nanda

Prithwiraj Nayak

Sagar Mishra

Samaresh Routray

Sarat Pujari

ShriRam Panda

Siddhanta Mohapatra

Srikanta Nanda

Sritam Das 

Sunil Kumar

Suresh Mishra

Uttam Mohanty 

Hara Pattanaik Popular Actor of Oriya Cinema

Hara Pattanaik

About Oriya Actor Hara Pattanaik

Hara Pattanaik  is one of the most popular Oriya Movie stars in the state of Orissa in India. He serves Oriya Film Industry as an actor, director, screenplay writer, singer etc. Mainly Hara Pattnaik acted in negative role in all films.he is the bestr actor in a negative role in the whole Ollywood.

Movies of Hara Pattnaik as a Actor
  1. Kurukshetra (2009)
  2. Chaati Chiri Dele Tu.. (2008)
  3. Pagala Premi (2007)
  4. Thank You Bhagban (2006)
  5. Agni Parikshya (2005)
  6. Arjun (2005)
  7. Barsa My Darling (2004)
  8. Sathire (2004)
  9. Je Panche Para Manda (2003)
  10. Sindura Nuhein Khela Ghara (2002)
  11. Dharma Debata (2001)
  12. Mo Kola To Jhulana (2001)
  13. Kala Chakra (1999)
  14. Kalki Abatar (1999)
  15. Katha Kahiba Mo Matha Sindoor (1999)
  16. Paradesi Babu (1999)
  17. Aie Sangharsha (1998)
  18. Sahara Jaluchi (1998)
  19. Stree (1998)
  20. Ganga Jamuna (1997)
  21. Nari Bi Pindhipare Rakta Sindura (1997)
  22. Ram Laxman (1997)
  23. Suhaga Sindura (1996)
  24. Rakhile Siba Mariba Kie (1994)
  25. Baadshah (1992)
  26. Ghara Mora Swarga (1992)
  27. Kapala Likhana (1991)
  28. Daiba Daudi (1990)
  29. Asuchi Mo Kalia Suna (1989)
  30. Jahaku Rakhibe Ananta (1988)
  31. Chaka Aakhi Sabu Dekhuchi (1987)
  32. Suna Chadhei (1987)
  33. Sahari Bagha (1985)
Movies of Hara Pattnaik as a Director

  1. Pagala Premi (2007)
  2. Thank You Bhagban (2006)
  3. Arjun (2005)
  4. I Love You (2005)
  5. Barsa My Darling (2004)
  6. Sathire (2004)
  7. Ae Jugara Krushna Sudama (2003)
  8. Kalki Abatar (1999)
  9. Paradesi Babu (1999)
  10. Ganga Jamuna (1997)
  11. Nari Bi Pindhipare Rakta Sindura (1997)
  12. Pua Moro Bhola Shankara (1996)
  13. Suhaga Sindura (1996)
  14. Yashoda (1996)
  15. Bhagya Hate Doro (1993)
  16. Kapala Likhana (1991)
  17. Daiba Daudi (1990)
Movies of Hara Pattnaik as a Writter

Ae Jugara Krushna Sudama (screenplay)
 Pagal Premi (screenplay)
Thank You Bhagban (screenplay)
 Arjun (story)
I Love You (screenplay)
Prathama Prema (screenplay)
Sathire (screenplay / story)
Kalki Abatar (story & screenplay)
Paradesi Babu (screenplay)
Ganga Jamuna (story & screanplay)
Pua Moro Bhola Shankara (story)
Kapala Likhana (story & screanplay)
Chakadola Karuchi Leela (story & screenplay)

Movies of Hara Pattnaik as a Producer


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Keun Duniya Ru Asila Bandhu Oriya Movie

Keun Duniya Ru Asila Bandhu

About Oriya Film Keun Duniya Ru Asila Bandhu

"Keun Dunia Ru Asila Bandhu" is the first science fiction of oriya film industry. Promising and efficient director Sanjaya Nayak has taken a step forward to make such a kind of movie for oriya film industry under his own banner, "Sanjaya Nayak Films". Starcast wise this movie stands strong including heart throb Sabyasachi, charming Archita and above all the alien Alpha 10. Stars like Budhaditya, Chandan, Mihir Das, Minaketan, Biren Mishra, Priyanka project important characters of the film. High quality graphics work, audio/visual special effects, effective background music are packed in the movie while the under current of the movie is true emotion. The mixture of gimmick and emotion will be the major factor of its success.

Story Line of Oriya Film Keun Duniya Ru Asila BandhuIts NOT A REMAKE of any movie, Neither "et" Nor "koi mil gaya". Its simply a new subject which is scripted by Sanjaya Nayak. According to the director this movie will attract all type of age groups especially children. the success of this movie will encourage the odiya film industry to experiment with new subjects and implement innovative ideas without following the remake trend.

Crew of Oriya Film Keun Duniya Ru Asila Bandhu
Cameraman: Ranjan Ji
Lyrics: Nijam, Dr. Nirmala Nayak, Basant Raj Samal, Sanjaya Nayak.Music Director: Santiraj Khosla
Singers: Udit Narayan, Md Aziz, Shiva, Tapu Misra, Subhasis Mahakuda,
Background music: S P venketesh, chennai
Sound effect: Sekhar, chennai
Graphics coordinater: venky, sanjit (chennai)
Sound Dub: Prasad
Sound Mixing: Sendril, prasad 70mm sound studio, chennai
Choreographer: kaladhar master, chennai
Fight Master: Raju master, hydrabad
Make up: Kapil Das
Distribution Manager: Chakra Dhara Ghadai
Production Designer: Hari Prasad Biswal
Costume: Jogi Sena
Art Director: Benu
Assistant Directors: Sribasha, Mrutyunjaya
Story, Screen Play, Dialogue Writer, Editing, Producer & Direction: Sanjaya Nayak.
Co-Producer: Bijaya ku pattra.
Adviser: K S Ramchandran
Lab Services: Prasad Kalinga Color Lab, Bhubaneswar 

Cast of Oriya Movie Keun Duniya Ru Asila Bandhu
Sabyasachi Mishra
Mihir Das 
Biren Mishra 
Puspa Panda 
Priyanka Pattanaik

Review of Oriya Movie Keun Duniya Ru Asila Bandhu
OK now concentrating on the movie. the director  done a cheap job here & effect can be seen in the whole movie.  The story is like summations of some broken links. Lead actor & actress failed
to prove themselves. Sabyasachi's acting is less natural but mostly reminding of Hritik's role in KMG.
But that is not his fault & the whole responsibility goes to the Director. Archita looking beautiful 
in the movie but nothing more.Other co-actors & actress also not done a memorable job.

Trailor of Oriya Film Keun Duniya Ru Asila Bandhu

Anu Choudhury Actress in Oriya Films

Anu Chowdhury,a leading Oriya / Odia language and Bengali actress based on Bhubaneswar and Kolkata.

About Oriya Actress Anu Choudhury

Anu Chowdhury, was born on 30th August 1978. is a leading Oriya language and Bengali actress She has acted in Bhubaneswar based Oriya Cinemas at Ollywood and calcutta based Bengali Cinema at Tollywood respectively. Her debut oriya film was Maa Goja Bayani and Bengali film was Bhaier Shapath in 2003.

Anu Choudhury's Sun Sign is Kanya/Virgo

Anu Choudhury's Careers 

Virgos are basically insecure, they often need compliments, but they are also admired in their working life because of their brilliant intelligence.Well suited career / jobs are: technical designer, teacher, editor, chemist, and analyst.

Anu Chowdhury has born and brought up in the capital city Bhubaneswar, was inspired by father, who was a television producer by profession. Anu began her career as a child artist and later was spotted by the leading directors of Oriya Film Industry. She made her debut in "Maa Gojabayani" and impressed everyone with her spectacular performance.
Education of Anu Chowdhury : She is a IT Graduate, Anu graduated in Information Technology before commencing a career as a film actress.. She became the dreem girl of thousands of odia peope with her talent both in beauties and acting . From her debut "Maa Gojabayani" to "Kathantara", Anu has taken a big leap forward to make his presence felt in Oriya / Odia household. She is now considered as a saleable actress as on the lines of veteran actresses Mahasweta and Aparajita.

Carrier of Anu Choudhury

There was no looking back after that and Anu acted in movies like "Maa O Mamata", "Mana Rahigala Tumari Thare" and "Gare Sindura Dhare Luha" soon after the success of "Maa Gojabayani". She also had an impressive performance in Sushant Mishra’s award winning movie "Biswaprakash", which was a part of Indian Panorama and was adjudged as the best regional film in Oriya.  Anu's moment of glory came when she was adjudged Best Actress in the Annual Oriya Film Awards for her role in Rajshri Production's maiden Oriya venture "Sasughara Chalijibi". She also acted in V.B. Ramana’s Telugu film "Subha Bela". Later, she went on to win the Best Actress award in the 4th Cine India International Film Festival, Noida for her role in "Kathantar".. The beauty with a brain, has successfully established herself not only in Oriya Fim Industry, but also in the heart of Oriya people.

Personal Life of Anu Choudhury

She had married to a businessman Sandip Mishra on March 3, 2006. They separated on an official divorce on the 18 July 2008. after devorce her husband she was staying at mumbai for the bollywood movies.now she is active in bengali film industry also.

Anu Choudhury was adjudged the Best Actress for her performance in Sasughara Chalijibi at the 2005 Orissa State Film Awards ceremony held at Bhubaneswar on May 30, 2007. She won the best Actress Award in the 4th Cine India International Film Festival, Noida for her portrayal of a second generation refugee from East Bengal in the Kadambinee Media Pvt Ltd. productions Kathantara.

On December 30, 2007, Anu won the Best Actress Award at the "Chalachhitra Jagat Pratibha Samman - 2007" for her performance in the Oriya movie Nali Tuku Tuku Sadhaba Bohu.

Babusan the actor in Oriya Films

About Oriya Actor Babusan

Babushan , pride son of popular actror-actress couple Uttam-Aparajita Mohanty of Oriya film industry Ollywood has started his career.

Tanmay Mohanty popularly known as Babushan , pride of popular actor- actress couple Uttam Mohanty and Aparajita Mohanty of Oriya film industry Ollywood. Babushan is a very good classical singer since the age of 10, and his parent especially mother Aparajita wants him as a good Singer instead of an actor.

Carrier of Babusan in Oriya Films

He was in age of 18 Only when he was started his career as an Actor in film "Romeo , The Lover Boy "with the great banner as 'Brajraj Movies'. He was continuing  2nd year of +2 Science then. As he is blessed with the handsome teenage physique and appearance to boost his career in great. Bengali actress Lovely was heroine opposite Babushan, who is also in teen age. He was in gossip for some scene inn the film but was not sucessful in great extent.

Babushan's second film " To Akshire Mu " has reached to the heart of Odia (Oriya) People . The Romeo boy Babushan has shown his romantic image in the film.The New look and romantic approach has attracting young mass of  Orissa / Odisha. Though many experienced actors are acting in the film, most part is depending upon Babushan as the story is based on Teen Love story. One new face of Bengali cute Girl named  "Sweety " has entered in the film and its listen , star mother Aparajita Mohanty has choose this girl visiting Kolkota.

Recent Movie of Babusan

2010 : Third film of Babushan " Sanju aou Sanjana" has been released on 11th June 2010. The Film Sanju au Sanjana is made under Jay Hanuman Films Production. And directed by Ashoak Pati , the story is based upon love story and young handsome hero Babushan is main attraction of the film with a lovely cute bengali girl Parijata as heroine. Other main Actors are Mihir Das, Pintu Nanda, Samaresh, Puspa panda, Ushasi, Chakradhar Jena etc are in the film. Pritirani Mahanty has written the story and Krishna Beura has given his voice for the film.

This time Director Sudhakar Basanta and Producer Narayan Nayak were tired in search of a new Heroine for Babushan the young sensation of  Orissa / Odisha's Ollywood for their new film " Prema Adhei Akshara ". First Gargi Mohanty then Megha Ghosh lastly Narayan Nayak ended his search at a new comer blessed with expert dancing quality and hot sexy body getup, She is Riya a Balasore Girl will be in lead opposite Babushan as his Love Interest and she looks very beautiful.

Bijoy Mohanty Best Actor in Oriya Films

About Bijoy Mohanty

Bijay Mohanty / Bijoy Mahanty the legendary Actor in Oriya / Odia  Cinema Industries has ruled since 33 Years and still  active in the Acting Field. His versatility in roles and acting in more than 180 films in Oriya, Bengali, Hindi and Telegu films brought him household name in Orissa.

Bijoy Mohanty's Schooling and Education
Bijaya Mahanty was born and brought up in Baripada the dist Head Quarter of Mayurbhanja District. He  was inclined towards drama sincce his 10th class. He always acts in Stage during his education up to BA classes. One Prasanna Mohanty, a senior from National School of Drama who came across his performance in stages, and encouraged to join National School of Drama then he joined National School of Drama. His Batch mates were Nasseruddin shah, Raj Babbar, Om Puri like eminent personalities.
Even after completing NSD  he remained in Delhi till 1975, for gathering considerable experiences in theatre acting and directing.Then he came back home and was in search of suitable job or work  in Orissa. He was about to left Orissa, a telegram from Dr Basant Mahapatra alias Babu Bhai reached to him calling for shooting at  Ranihat, Cuttack in Film  “Sankalpa”, which was to directed by Prafulla Mohanty  closed unexpectedly.
In the Mean time Bijaya Mohanty was directed many plays and also conducted a short term theatre training course for Orissa Government and was in contact with Sangeet Natak Academy secretary Manoranjan Das, whose dramas he had directed earlier. Once Das offered  Bijaya to become the first teacher in the Drama Department  of Utkal Sangeet Mahavidyalaya which was going to open shortly. Bijaya accepted the offer and joined as a Teacher in the Drama Department in 1977 and already retired as Professor from the Department of Utkal Sangeet Mahavidyalaya , Bhubaneswar.
Bijoy Mohanty's Career in Oriya / Odia Film Acting

Once Lyricist Satyabrata Das informed to Bijaya Mohanty that director Biplab Rai Choudhury was waiting for him at Chilika along with the entire crew for shooting of film Chilika Tire. Bijaya rushed there  entered Oriya / Odia  film industry through that " Chilika Tire " but his first release was Naga Phasa - a superhit cinema which brought him popularity and establishment in oriya film world.“Chilika Tire” The film brought him  National Award later. Since then he is continuing his acting career unbroken even if changing to different character role as hero, villian, comedian, character role and others and has acted all these roles successfully to win thousands of Odia heart. Bijaya Mahanty has done well in  negative roles like Bipasha, Pati Patni, Sautuni, Samay Bada Balwan, Danda Balunga, Sahari Bagha, Chaka Bhaunri and Chaka Akhi Sabu Dekhuchi. Some of his films as a character artist are Ki Heba Sua Posile, Bhisma Pratigya, Bhai Hela Bhagari, Suna Panjuri, Laxman Rekha and Rakhi Bhijigala Akhi Luhare and ‘I Love My India’.

Bijaya Mahanty has also formed a drama troupe " Jugechha ", at Baripada  which has earned great popularity in different parts of Odisha  as well as the in the country.
He has also  sucessed in directorial debut in the film ‘Bhuli Hue Na’.

Bijoy Mohanty's Personal Life
He has Married  his Co-actress Tandra Ray and lives in Bhubaneswar with his kids.

Bijoy Mohanty's Career in  TV Anchoring and Serial Acting :

Bijaya Mohanty has acted in many TV Serials like  Asara Aloka, Sri Jagannath, Subhadra, Sara Akasa, Samaya Chaka, Sakalara Apekhya Re, Nadekhile Loka Dekhe, Mahayagyan and Bidhatara Khela etc has gained a great popularity in Duradarshan Bhubaneswar Channel.

Awards and Accreditation of Bijoy Mahanty :

He has won State Film Awards for six times : 

State Film Awards for films Arati (1981),
State Film Awards  for Film Mamata Mage Mula (1985),
State Film Awards for Film Aei Aam Sansara (1986),
State Film Awards for Film Aam Ghara Aam Sansara (1991),
State Film Awards for Film Bhisma Pratgya (1993),
State Film Awards for Film Bhai Hela Bhagari (1994),

Orissa Cine Critics Award in 1987 for best actor of the decade.

List of Oriya Films Acted by Bijoy Mahanty

2010 : Mu Kana Ete Kharap
2010 : Don
2010 : Tu Thile Mo Dara Kahaku
2009 : Love Dot Com
... aka "LdC" - India (English title) (promotional abbreviation)
2009 : Romeo: The Lover Boy
2009 : Mukhyamantri
2009 : Shatru Sanghar  .... Nagbhusan
2009 : Dream Girl
2009 : Mate Ta Love Helare
2009 : Kalinga Putra  ... aka "Son of the Soil"
2008 : Satya Meba Jayate
2007 : Chaka Chaka Bhaunri
2007 : Kali Sankar
2007 : Lakhmi Pratima  .... Janardhan
2007 : Lal Tuku Tuku Sadhaba Bahu  .... Dinabandhu
2007 : Mo Suna Pua
2007 : Mu Tate Love Karuchi
2007 : Nari Akhire Nian
2007 : To Pain Nebi Mu Sahe Janama
2006 : De Maa Shakti De
2006 : Rakate Lekhichi Naa
2006 : Rakhi Bandhili Mo Rakhiba Mana
2006 : Tu Mo Manara Mita
2005 : Agni Parikshya
2005 : Dharma Ra Heba Jay  .... Lokanath
2005 : I Love You 
2005 : Priya Mo Priya 
2005 : Tate Mo Rana
2005 : Tu Mo Akhira Tara 
2005 : Je Panche Para Manda 
2003 : Katha Deithili Maa Ku
2003 : Matrushakti 
2003 : Sabata Maa
2003 : Sakala Tirtha To Charane 
2003 : Ziddi
2002 : Sindura Nuhein Khela Ghara 
2002 : Dharma Sahile Hela
2002 : Maa Mangala
2002 : Rakata Chinhichhi Nijara Kie
2002 : Sei Jhiati
2001 : Dharma Debata 
2001 : Karunamaya
2001 : Mo Kola To Jhulana
2001 : Babu Parsuram
2000 : Bou
2000 : Kasia Kapila 
2000 : Kie Pochhiba Maa Aakhi Ra Luha
1999 : Dharma Nikiti 
1999 : Ei Akhi Ama Sakhi
1999 : Gopa Re Badhhuchhi Kala Kanhei
1999 : Katha Rahigala Kala Kala Ku 
1999 : Krishna Kaberi
1999 : Paradesi Babu
1999 : Rakhi Bhijigala Aakhi Luha Re
1999 : Sasu Hathakadi Bhauja Bedi 
1999 : To Akhi Mo Aina
1998 : Aie Sangharsha ... aka "The Conflict Begin" - India (English title) (literal title)
1998 : Rupa Gaan Ra Suna Kania
1998 : Santana 
1998 : Suna Palinki
1997 : Bhula Kahar 
1997 : Lakhe Siba Puji Paichi Pua 
1997 : Pua Mora Jagata Jita  .... Umakant
1997 : Ram Laxman
1996 : Laxman Rekha 
1996 : Sakhi Rakhiba Mo Shankha Sindura
1996 : Suhaga Sindura
1996 : asudha 
1995 : Mo Mana Khali Tumari Pain
1995 : Rakata Kahiba Kie Kahara
1995 : Suna Panjuri
1994 : Bhai Hela Bhagari
1994 : Gadhi Janile Ghara Sundara
1994 : Pacheri Uthila Majhi Duaru
1993 : Anupama aka "The Peerless Girl" - India (English title)
1993 : Bhagya Hate Doro
1993 : Byabhichara
1993 : Mo Bhai Jaga .... Jaga
1993 : Pathara Khasuchi Bada Deulu 
1992 : Anti Churi Tanti Kate
1992 : Bhisma Pratigyan
1992 : Maa (II)
1992 : Naga Panchami
1992 : Panjur Bhitare Sari
1992 : Udandi Seeta 
1991 : Aama Ghara Aama Sansara  ... aka "United Our Home" - India (English title) (literal title)
1991 : Kapala Likhana
1991 : Ki Heba Sua Posile
1991 : Kotia Manish Gotiye Jaga  .... Jaga
1991 : To Binu Anya Gati Nahin
1990 : Ama Ghara ... aka "Our House" - India (English title) (literal title)
1990 : Chakadola Karuchi Leela
1990 ; Daiba Daudi
1990 : Kalia Bharasa
1990 : Maa Mate Shakti De
1990 : Thakura Achanti Chau Bahaku 
1989 : Asuchi Mo Kalia Suna
1989 : Bidhira Bidhan .... Jiten Chowdhury
1989 : Mamata Ra Dori .... Parsuram
1989 : Pratisodha Aparadh Nuhen
1989 : Sagar
1989 : Sasti 
1989 : Topaye Sindura Dipata Shankha 
1989 : Bada Bhauja
1988 : Bahu Heba Emiti
1988 : Jahaku Rakhibe Ananta 
1988 : Pua Moro Kala Thakura 
1987 : Bhuli Huena
1987 :Chaka Aakhi Sabu Dekhuchi 
1987 : Eai Ta Dunia 
1987 : Golamgiri
1987 : Kasturi 
1987 : Phula Chandana
1987 : Tunda Baida
1986 : Chamana Atha Guntha
1986 : Ei Aama Sansar
1986 : Manika
1986 : Sansara
1985 : Sahari Bagha  .... Town Tiger
1985 :Chaka Bhaunri  .... Kishor
1985 : Jaga Hatare Pagha .... Jaga
1985 : Mamata Mage Mula 
1985 : Palataka 
1985 : Para Jhia Ghara Bhangena
1985 : Pooja Phula 
1985 : Samay Bada Balwan  .... Raju
1984 : Janani 
1983 : Jheeati Sita Pari
1983 : Ram Rahim  .... Rahim
1983 : Swapna Sagara  .. aka "The Ocean of Dream" - International (English title) (literaltitle)
1982 : Basanti Apa
1981 : Arati
1981 : Tike Hasa Tike Luha
1980 : Danda Balunga ... aka "The Street Loafer" - India (English title)
1979 : Maanini
1979 : Sautuni
1978 : Pati Patni 
1978 : Samarpana
1977 : Naga Phasa
1977 : Suna Sansar
1977 : Chilika Teerey

Oriya Films Directed by Bijoy Mohanty

Bhuli Huena (1987)

Naina Dash famous Actress in Oriya Films

About Naina Dash

Naina Dash, a Popular name in Odisha / Orissa for Tulashi Serial in ETv and wel known  leading Oriya actress in Bhubaneswar based Odia Cinema / Odia Music Videos, and Serials in Odia Televisions.

Naina Dash in Odia Film Puja Pain Phulatie ( A Flower for Pooja ) as Lady doctor, The film has got National Award and honour. Naina has done superb in this Odia Film

Naina Dash's Career in Oriya Films (Ollywood)

2009 : Aa Janhare Lekhiba Naa in a Special Appearance at Tollywood
2009 :  Aa Janhare Lekhiba Naa in a Special Appearance at Ollywood
2008 : Munna-A Love Story as Nisha at Ollywood
2007 : Puja Pain Phulatie as  Lady doctor at Ollywood
2006 : Shasu Ghara Chalijibi in Ollywood
2003 : Bahudibe Mo Jaga Balia  in Ollywood
2002 : Maa Mangala in Ollywood

Anubhav Mohanty The Popular Oriya Film Actor

Anubhav Mohanty  born on  24th  December  is an Ollywood and Tollywood Bangla Actor. Anubhav Mohanty made his debut in films with " I Love You" in 2005 opposite Mumbai based TV actress Namrata Thapa. He made his Debut in Bengali Films with the movie Saathi Amaar opposite Rachana Banerjee in a Special appearance.

Anubhav Mohanty's Biodata :

Nick-Name - Fapun.
Anubhav's Date of Birth - 24th December.
Birth Sun Sign : Makara / Capricorn !!!
Anubhav's Favourite Actor - Salman Khan, Syllvester stallone.
Anubhav's Biggest Crush - Britney Spears.
Anubhav's Favourite Food - Mutton Biriyani.
Anubhav'c Favourite Colour - Black and White.
Anubhav's Favourite Films - Pyaar kiya to Darna kya, Rambo series

Anubhav Mohanty's Career In Film Acting and Music Video:
Anubhav  started his career as a model and has won several award for modeling. Then he started getting offers from oriya albums and has featured in around around 80-100 video songs. He quietly ruled the album industry for sometime before moving into mainstream films. He became super star of Oriya / Odia films in a very short period of time and  young sensation of Orissa who has the charisma over every oriya people and people of west bengal as well.

He debuted in oriya film industry with the film I Love You along with Namrata thapa. The film was a super duper hit. His other films of the same year were Saathire(2004) and Barsha My Darling(2004) becoming Hit and SuperHit respectively.

The actor was supposed to do the movie "Sashu Ghara Chali Jibi" under Rajshree Productions, but due to some date problems he opted out of it. Later Sidhanta was roped in for the film. He is the Highest paid Actor in Ollywood ( Odia Film Industries)

Anubhav has featured in around 80-100 video songs in Oriya albums.He has also featured in Commercial Advertisement for  "LUMINOUS INVERTER" He has won several awards for Ramp shows.
Anubhav was choosen as the 1st Brand Ambassador of a Leading Undergarment Comapany "LUX COZI" for Orissa for a period of 2 years.
He often express that apart from the Blessings of his parents and unconditional love from his fans and Well-wishers, the person whom he consider one of the most important person behind his success is "Pintu bhai".. who is the most important care-taker of my personal and professional life" says the actor...

He is the 1st choice of every oriya film-maker,the 1st oriya actor of his kind who has been the favorite of both masses as well as classes and has gained a huge stardom and respect not only in oriya movies but also in Tollywood(Bengali movies).He is the most highest paid actor of Orissa.If the carrer graph of this actor will be noticed,then it can be observed that the actor has delivered maximum hits and a very few failures.He has won a lot of rave reviews after his stunning performances in "Kali sankar","Arjun" and "Premi no.1".

In Bengal film industry he has also made a mark by playing the lead in several bengali movies such as "Jibonsathi","Khalnayak","Sathi amaar","Kalisankar","Babli" and many more.

Anubhav Mohanty's Awards :

Anandalok Awards For "Best Action Hero 2007", For "Kali Sankar" (Bengali),
Opmtwa Award Thrice For Best Actor
Rajeev Gandhi Pratibha Sammana (2004-05)

Anubhav Mohanty's Oriya / Odia Films :

2004 : I LUV U  - The movie marked the debut of both Anubhav and Namrata thapa as a lead pair with Bijoy mohanty,Tandra ray,Hara pattanaik.... became Super Duper Hit.

2004 : SATHIRE  Stars  Anubhav, Madhumita Basu, Sritam Das, Anita das,Hara pattnaik,Deepak parida....became a Hit.

2004 : BARSHA MY DARLING , stars : Anubhav, Ankita banerjee ,Hara pattnaik,Bijoy mohanty,Tandra ray... became Super hit Oriya Film.

2005 : PRIYA MO PRIYA , Stars : Anubhav,Namrata Thapa ,Bijoy mohanty.... became Flop in Box

2005 : PRATHAMA PREMA  with Sugena choudhry, Meghna mishra, Hara Pattnaik, Debu Bose.... and became  Flop

2005 : TOPAE SINDOORA DI TOPA LUHA  in a Special appearance with  Siddhant, Anu choudhry, Barsha priyadarshini, Mihir Dash. became box office hit.

2005 : PREMI NO.1  with stars Chandni, Bijay mohanty,Uttam mohanty, Aparajita, Tandra ray..... and became Super Hit in Box.

2005 : ARJUN  with Rameswari, Gargi mohanty, Hara pattnaik, Amrita shukla... became Average sucess.

2006 : THANK U BHAGWAAN  with co-star Barsa Priyadarshini, Hara Pattnaik, Pradyumna Lenka.... and made a Hit in box office.

2007 : MAHANAYAK With Co-Stars Rahul Dev, Koel Mallick, Bijoy mohanty, Pintu Nanda.... and the film achieve Flop in box.

2007 : KALISANKAR  with Co-Satrs Siddhant , Arindam, Aashish Vidyarthi, Anu Choudhry, Swastika, Meghana Mishra.... and earned a  Super-Hit.

2007 : TO BINA MO KAHANI ADHAA with Co-Stars Archita , Debjani, Ajit das..... and became  Flop.

2008 : DHANA RE RAKHIBU SAPATHA MORA  with Co-Stars Archita , Aparajita, Mihir Dash, Raja, Twinkle Mishra.... became a Super Hit.

2008 : MATE TA LUV HELA RE  with Co-Stars Subhashree Ganguly, Sidhant mohapatra, Bijay mohanty, Bobby Mishra, Mihir Dash..... and earned a Hit.

2008 : CHAATI CHIRI DELE TU.....with co stars Sidhant mohapatra, Mitthi, Bijoy Mohanty, Raimohan, Chandan, Hara Pattnaik..... and earned a Super-Hit in Box.

2208 : Munna-A Love Story

2009 : Nei Jaa Re Megha Mate
2009 : Aa Janhare Lekhiba Naa
2009 : Suna Chadhei Mo Rupa Chadhei
2009 : Aakashe Ki Ranga Lagila
2009 : Saata Sure Bandha Ae Jibana
2009 : Abhimanyu
2010 : Don
2010 : Mun Kan Ete Kharaap
2010 : Ama Bhitare Kichi Achi
2010 : Deewana
2011 : Most wanted
Anubhav Mohanty'sBengali films:

2005 : Premi No.1(2005)

2005 : Saathi Amaar(2005)
2006 : Khalanayak(2006)
2006 : Shaarthopor(2006)
2006 : Eri Naam Prem(2006)
2006 : Jibon Saathi(2006)
2007 : Kali Sankar(2007)
2008 : Bhagyachakra(2008)

Movie Theatres in Bhubaneswar, Orissa

The city of Bhubaneswar has quite a craze of movies due to huge student mass residing in the city, and the city theatres also provide quite updated flicks for the residents of the city.

The theatres name and the location are as follows:

Ekamara Vihar,
Kharvela nagar.

Sukra Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Orissa 751022‎ - 0674 2540777

Unit - 3, Bhubaneswar - 0674 2504382.
This complex has 3 halls in it with 3 different films playing at one time.

Rajarani Colony, Bhubaneshwar.

Hope this information helps to find out a theatre.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Upcoming Oriya Movies 2011-2012

Oriya Films Released in 2011 Latest Oriya Films in Orissa

Upcoming Oriya Film Most Wanted

Oriya Film Name: Most Wanted (New)
Released date of Oriya Film Most Wanted: January 9, 2011
Director of Most Wanted: Susant Mani
Dialogues given by: Bapu Goswami
Music Lyricist: Goodly Rath
Cast of Oriya Film Most Wanted: Anubhav Mohanty, Megha Ghosh

Upcoming Oriya Film Loafer

Oriya Film Name: Loafer
Producer of Oriya Film Loafer: Sunil Panda
Lyricist : Bapu Goswami
Music Composer of Loafer: Goodly Rath
Cinematography: B. Ramesh
Cast of Oriya Film Loafer: Archita, Babushan, Mihir Das, Aparajita, Meenaketan and Samaresh.

New Oriya Movie Bhul Bujhibani Mate

Oriya Movie 'Bhul Bujhibani Mate' is a love story picture and is to be released on 13th May 2010.
New Oriya Movie 'Bhul Bujhibani Mate' is to be released on 13th May 2010.

Information about the Oriya Movie 'Bhul Bujhibani Mate'

Movie Name - Bhul Bujhibani Mate
Director - Kunal Pattnaik
Producer - Alaya Mohanty
Screenplay and Dialogue - Dr. Rajani Ranjan
Music - Prashant Padhi
Cast of Bhul Bujhibani Mate - Debashish, Samaresh, Pintu Nanda, Priyanka

The story of 'Bhul Bujhibani Mate' is based on a triangular love story.

Oriya Daily Newspapers

There are quite few number of Oriya Newspapers circulated daily in Orissa.

Oriya Daily Newspapers

Some daily circulated major Oriya Newspapers are Samaja, Prajatantra, Dharitri, Sambada, Dharitri, Samaya, Anupam Bharat.

Oriya Newspaper 'Samaja'

Type - Daily Oriya Newspaper

Samaja is Published from - Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Sambalpur, Rourkela, Berhampur, balasore, Vizag, Kolkata.

Publisher and Editor of 'Samaja' - Sri Sarat Mishra

Contact Details of Oriya Newspaper 'Samaja'

Samaja Head Office
Gopabandhu Bhawan, Buxi Bazar,
Cuttack-753 001.

Telephone Number - 0671-230994
Fax Number - 0671-2301384
Email - adsamaja@yahoo.com
Website - www.thesamaja.com

Oriya Newspaper 'Samaya'

Type - Daily Oriya Newspaper

Samaya is Published from Bhubaneswar

Founder of 'Samaya' - Late Sri Basant Biswal
Managing Editor of 'Samaya' - Mr. Ranjib Biswal
Chief editor of 'Samaya' - Mr. Satakadi Hota

Contact Details of 'Samaya'

Samaya Head Office
Ashirbad Prakashan Pvt. Ltd.
Plot No. 44 and 54, Sector, Zone-D
Mancheswar Industrial Estate,
Bhubaneswar - 751010

Telephone Number - 0674-2585740
E-Mail - thesamaya@yahoo.com
Website - www.orissasamaya.com

They have branch offices at Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai.

Oriya Newspaper 'Dharitri'

Type - Daily Oriya Newspaper

'Dharitri' is Published from - Bhubaneswar, Sambalpur, Berhampur

Chief Editor of 'Dharitri' - Tathagata Satpathy

Contact Details of 'Dharitri'

Dharitri Head Office
B - 26, Industrial Estate,
Bhubaneswar - 751010

Telephone Number - 0674 - 2580101
Fax Number - 0674 - 2586854
Email - webmail@dharitri.com
Website - www.dharitri.com

Oriya Newspaper 'Sambada'

Type - Daily Oriya Newspaper

'Sambada' is published from - Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Angul, Berhampur, Jeypore, Sambalpur, Balasore.

Chief Editor of 'Sambada' - Soumya Ranjan Pattnaik

Contact Details of 'Sambada'

Sambada Head Office
Eastern Media Limited, Sambada Bhavan
B-27, Industrial Estate, Rasulgarh, Bhubaneswar - 751010

Telephone Number - 0674 - 2585351
Fax Number - 0674 - 2588517
Email - sambadadvt@easternmedialtd.com
Website - www.orissasambad.com

Oriya News paper  Khabara

Mrs Suprabha Dash
NH6,Near Kishori Narsing Home Bargarh,768028

Contact Details
 Mobile 9438383201/9861242114
FAX 06646.247257
Associate with
Press Club Bargarh &
Indian Federation of Working Journalist Sambalpur Unit & executive committee member of NUJ state unit

 Oriya News paper Dinalipi

Ashok Kumar Mishra
C/O Mishra Times,Infront of Civil court Main Raod Bargarh,768028

Contact details

Mobile 9437220684
TELE: 06646.234934
Associate with
Bargarh Sambadik Sangha
Indian Federation of Working Journalist Sambalpur Unit

 Oriya News paperPragatiVadi

Tulasi Charan Dash
C/O Janata News Agency SP Office Chowk ,Main Road Bargarh,768028

Contact details
Mobile 9861384821
FAX 06646..
Associate with
Press Club Bargarh &
National Unionof Journalist Bargarh Unit

 Oriya News paper Agnisikhsa

Bhakta Prasad Sarangi
C/O Rasmi PCO,Main Road Bargarh,768028

Contact details
Mobile 9438258661
FAX 06646.230086
Associate with
Bargarh Sambadik Sangha
Indian Federation of Working Journalist Sambalpur Unit

Oriya News paper Odisha Bhaskar  

Suresh Kumar Dash 
C/O Nabaratna Media Centre NH6 Gandhi Chowk Bargarh,768028

Contact Details
Mobile 9437383201
FAX 06646.232022
Associate with
Bargarh Sambadik Sangha
National Unionof Journalist Bargarh Unit
President Journalist Association Bargarh (NUJ Unit)

 Oriya News paper AnupamBharat

Pradiptabhanu Mahanti
Master Tikra Bargarh,768028

Contact Details
Mobile 9776403048
FAX 06646..
Associate with
Press Club Bargarh
National Unionof Journalist Bargarh Unit

 Oriya News paper  Sambad Kalika

Saroj Kumar Sarangi
C/O Nabaratna Media Centre NH6 Gandhi Chowk Bargarh,768028

  Contact Details
Mobile 9937061330
FAX 06646232022
Associate with
Bargarh Sambadik Sangha 

  Oriya News paper Swadesh
John Newton Singh
Near RTO Office NH6 Bargarh,768028

Contact Detail
FAX 06646..
Associate with
Bargarh Zilla Sambadik Sangha 

 Oriya News paper Prajatantra 

Nasir Khan
Word No 11.Pvt Bus stand Bargarh,768028

 Contact Details
FAX 06646..
Associate with
Bargarh Zilla Sambadik Sangha
Designation President 

  Oriya News paper Utkal mail

Md Aslam
Word No 1.Bhatli Road
infront of Substation

Contact details
FAX 06646..
Associate with
Bargarh Zilla Sambadik Sangha


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