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Keun Duniya Ru Asila Bandhu Oriya Movie

Keun Duniya Ru Asila Bandhu

About Oriya Film Keun Duniya Ru Asila Bandhu

"Keun Dunia Ru Asila Bandhu" is the first science fiction of oriya film industry. Promising and efficient director Sanjaya Nayak has taken a step forward to make such a kind of movie for oriya film industry under his own banner, "Sanjaya Nayak Films". Starcast wise this movie stands strong including heart throb Sabyasachi, charming Archita and above all the alien Alpha 10. Stars like Budhaditya, Chandan, Mihir Das, Minaketan, Biren Mishra, Priyanka project important characters of the film. High quality graphics work, audio/visual special effects, effective background music are packed in the movie while the under current of the movie is true emotion. The mixture of gimmick and emotion will be the major factor of its success.

Story Line of Oriya Film Keun Duniya Ru Asila BandhuIts NOT A REMAKE of any movie, Neither "et" Nor "koi mil gaya". Its simply a new subject which is scripted by Sanjaya Nayak. According to the director this movie will attract all type of age groups especially children. the success of this movie will encourage the odiya film industry to experiment with new subjects and implement innovative ideas without following the remake trend.

Crew of Oriya Film Keun Duniya Ru Asila Bandhu
Cameraman: Ranjan Ji
Lyrics: Nijam, Dr. Nirmala Nayak, Basant Raj Samal, Sanjaya Nayak.Music Director: Santiraj Khosla
Singers: Udit Narayan, Md Aziz, Shiva, Tapu Misra, Subhasis Mahakuda,
Background music: S P venketesh, chennai
Sound effect: Sekhar, chennai
Graphics coordinater: venky, sanjit (chennai)
Sound Dub: Prasad
Sound Mixing: Sendril, prasad 70mm sound studio, chennai
Choreographer: kaladhar master, chennai
Fight Master: Raju master, hydrabad
Make up: Kapil Das
Distribution Manager: Chakra Dhara Ghadai
Production Designer: Hari Prasad Biswal
Costume: Jogi Sena
Art Director: Benu
Assistant Directors: Sribasha, Mrutyunjaya
Story, Screen Play, Dialogue Writer, Editing, Producer & Direction: Sanjaya Nayak.
Co-Producer: Bijaya ku pattra.
Adviser: K S Ramchandran
Lab Services: Prasad Kalinga Color Lab, Bhubaneswar 

Cast of Oriya Movie Keun Duniya Ru Asila Bandhu
Sabyasachi Mishra
Mihir Das 
Biren Mishra 
Puspa Panda 
Priyanka Pattanaik

Review of Oriya Movie Keun Duniya Ru Asila Bandhu
OK now concentrating on the movie. the director  done a cheap job here & effect can be seen in the whole movie.  The story is like summations of some broken links. Lead actor & actress failed
to prove themselves. Sabyasachi's acting is less natural but mostly reminding of Hritik's role in KMG.
But that is not his fault & the whole responsibility goes to the Director. Archita looking beautiful 
in the movie but nothing more.Other co-actors & actress also not done a memorable job.

Trailor of Oriya Film Keun Duniya Ru Asila Bandhu

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