Thursday, 7 April 2011

Profile of Dev – Bengali Tollywood Actor latest Films, Upcoming Movies,Phone

I can answer some of the questions coming to your Mind.
Who is the best bengali Actor?
Adress of Dev in Kolkata
Phone Number of Dev
Birth Day of Dev

Real name of DEV is Deepak Adhikari. he is a bengali super star actor having many super hit Films in his name. He is one of the best actors in bengali Cinema Industry or Tollywood. bangala fans always want to meet DEv the best actor.

1st Moie of DEV is - Tarzan
Also DEV acted with the Beautiful Bengali Actress Rachana Banerje who is also the Beautiful oriya Heroine.

Now Dev stays in Mumbai being busy with Bolloywood movies of 2011.


  1. hai,dev
    i am your great fan. i love you. your acting is so beautiful and so good i like you than other actor. now in bengali movie i see only your movie. ilove you.

  2. hi dev da.i am ur big fan.so,accoding to me ur the best actor.ami 2mar all flim dakha6i.2mr next challange 2,paglu 2,bastab,ctc.flimar jonno best of luck and all the best


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