Thursday, 5 May 2011

24 Ghanta Bengali News Channel in West bengal Watch Live

24 Ghanta is a famous news channel in Bengali language which is very popular Bengali news channel across West Bengal. It is being telecast or broadcast by the ZEE Aakash News which is a part of Zee News Company.Ghanta means Hours so 24 Ghanta means 24 Hours in English so you can watch breaking Bengali News, latest News, News about West Bengal all around the day and Night which is 24 hours live all over 365 days a Year.You can watch non-stop bengali news about Kolkata or Calcutta. As the language is Bengali you can Watch Breaking News in Bengali Language, Latest news in Bengali Langugae, News about Osama Bin Laden in Bengali Language etc. It is the best and top Bangla Khobor News Channel which competes with Star Ananda Bangla News Channel.

Punch Line or Motto of 24 Ghanta bangla channel is 'Songe thakun 24 Ghanta' means Stay with us for 24-hours.

Address of the Ofiice of 24 Ghanta Bangla News Channel of Bengal in Kolkata: -
18, Poddar Court, 6th Floor
Rabindra Sarani, Kolkata GPO,
Kolkata - 700001

Contact Number of 24 Ghanta Bengali News Channel of Bengal: - 033 3918 0022 / 033 3918 0026 / 033 3918 0120 / 033 3918 0030

Fax number of 24-Ghanta Bangla News TV Channel of West Bengal: - 033 3918 0021


  1. I like it very much

  2. a trusted channel

  3. Reliable, genuine, real news telecaste from this channel. presentation of news by staffs are creditworthy. Interviews taken from Politicians are very intelectual. desiours questions are being asked to the politicians are very interesting.


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